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Activities of Topoisomerase I in Its Complex with SRSF1., Ishikawa, Takao, Krzyśko Krystiana A., Kowalska-Loth Barbara, Skrajna Aleksandra M., Czubaty Alicja, Girstun Agnieszka, Cieplak Maja K., Lesyng Bogdan, and Staron Krzysztof , Biochemistry, 02/2012, (2012)
Alteration of surface properties of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine by benzo[a]pyrene: a model of pulmonary effects of diesel exhaust inhalation., Sosnowski, Tomasz R., Koliński Michał, and Gradoń Leon , J Biomed Nanotechnol, 2012 Oct, Volume 8, Issue 5, p.818-25, (2012)
Model-based selection of the robust JAK-STAT activation mechanism., Rybinski, Mikolaj, and Gambin Anna , Journal of theoretical biology, 2012 Jun 5, (2012)
The pair-wise linear classifier and the k-NN rule In application to ALS progression differentiation, Sokołowska, Beata, Jóźwik Adam, Niebroj-Dobosz Irena, and Janik P. , Journal of Medical Informatics & Technologies, Volume Vol. 20, p.79–83, (2012)
Recent Progress in Understanding of Structure, Ligand Interactions and the Mechanism of Activation of the β2-Adrenergic Receptor., Koliński, Michał, Plazinska Anita, and Jozwiak Krzysztof , Current medicinal chemistry, 02/2012, (2012)
Recognition of Posture and Gait Disturbances in Patients with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Using a Posturography and Computer Dynography Systems, Czerwosz, Leszek, Szczepek Ewa, Sokołowska Beata, Jurkiewicz Jerzy, and Czernicki Zbigniew , Hydrocephalus, (2012)
Tav4SB: integrating tools for analysis of kinetic models of biological systems., Rybinski, Mikolaj, Lula Michal, Banasik Pawel, Lasota Sławomir, and Gambin Anna , BMC systems biology, 2012 Apr 5, Volume 6, Issue 1, p.25, (2012)
Analyzing stationary States of gene regulatory network using petri nets., Gambin, Anna, Lasota Sławomir, and Rutkowski Michał , Studies in health technology and informatics, 2011, Volume 162, p.143-59, (2011)
Circulating tenascin-C levels in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy in the course of Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy., Niebroj-Dobosz, Irena, Madej-Pilarczyk Agnieszka, Marchel Michał, Sokołowska Beata, and Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz Irena , Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry, 08/2011, Volume 412, Issue 17-18, p.1533-8, (2011)
ESTIMATION OF SIGNIFICANCE OF ALKB AND ALKA PROTEINS IN DNA REPAIR IN ESCHERICHIA COLI MODEL, Sokołowska, Beata, Maciejewska Agnieszka M., Jóźwik Adam, and Kuśmierek Jarosław T. , (2011)
Extraction of biomedical traits for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis using parallel and hierarchical classifiers, Jóźwik, Adam, Sokołowska Beata, Niebroj-Dobosz Irena, and Janik P. , International Journal of Biometrics, Volume 3, Number 1, p.85–94, (2011)
A genistein derivative, ITB-301, induces microtubule depolymerization and mitotic arrest in multidrug-resistant ovarian cancer., Ahmed, Ahmed Ashour, Goldsmith Juliet, Fokt Izabela, Le Xiao-Feng, Krzyśko Krystiana A., Lesyng Bogdan, Bast Robert C., and Priebe Waldemar , Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology, 10/2011, Volume 68, Issue 4, p.1033-44, (2011)
Interactions of benzo[a]pyrene and diesel exhaust particulate matter with the lung surfactant system., Sosnowski, Tomasz R., Koliński Michał, and Gradoń Leon , The Annals of occupational hygiene, 04/2011, Volume 55, Issue 3, p.329-38, (2011)